Professional IT Services

IT Services

All levels of IT Services are available from help with specification for a single workstation to design of complex networks which include multiple site locations, VPNs, routers, secure networks, multiple servers and many workstations.

By the Project

We meet with you to discuss project scope, perform a needs assessment, develop an outline of what is provided and a schedule to achieve resulting goals.

Server Monitoring

Server monitoring is generally performed remotely using secure VPN connections.  Pricing varies depending on number of servers, workstations and size of network.

Helpdesk by Phone

Generally available with Server Monitoring is our 7AM to 7PM phone service and is available 7 days a week including holidays.  Arrangements can be made to extend these hours when necessary.

On-site IT Services

Some IT Services require "on-site" presence to perform such as meetings with management, some hardware and application installation / maintenance and when it just makes sense to meet with you "face-to-face" to better understand the problem and implement solutions.

Shop Services

We provide in-shop services for repair of most PC's, servers and computing equipment.  We use test setups for new network, server, VPN and other computing configurations.  Migration to a new network  or server is straightforward through in-house simulation / testing.

  • Repair / Cleaning - PC's, Servers, Accessories
  • Password Recovery / Bypass
    • Recover / Bypass BIOS Password
    • Recover / Bypass OS Password
    • Recover / Bypass Email Passwords
  • Wi-Fi Device Repair / Firmware updates
  • File and Image Recovery
    • Personal Photos
    • Important Documents
    • Deleted Files / Emails
  • Backup Systems
  • Slow Running PC repairs / upgrades
  • Migrate to New Operating Systems
    • XP to Vista
    • Vista back to XP
    • Windows Server 2008 and earlier

Consulting Services

When you need help with an IT solution or don't know the best direction to take with your project, call us for help.  Need an "in-budget" IT Solution?  We can help.

Wireless Services

  • Wireless Camera, DVR and Network camera monitoring / programming pre-sets
  • Wireless Network Setup - building to building or in-building coverage
  • Large / complex "Wi-Fi" solutions
  • SOHO - Small Office and Home Office Setup

Hosting Services

  • Websites on Microsoft Windows Servers w/ FP
  • E-mail on Microsoft Windows Servers
  • "Webcare" - Setup, Management, Updates

Radio Maintenance Services

Services pertaining to FCC Part (97) Only.

  • VHF / UFH Duplexer Tuning - Frequency changes / isolation characteristic data printouts
  • Signal feed line adapters / coax only
  • Radio equipment service / alignments (Tx / Rx)
  • Radio Frequency Programming
    • Kenwood, Yeasu, Icom, Motorola, etc.
  • Repeater Controller programming
  • ARES Assistance / Presentations
    • Command Vehicle
      • Radios & Antennas
      • Computer Specs / Setup
      • Networks & Connectivity
    • IRLP (RedHat, CentOS, SL)
    • HF Remote Stations
    • Repeaters
    • Echolink
    • Packet & Digi's
  • Antenna Repair / SWR analysis

Public Safety &
City / County Governments

Are you a member of a "Public Safety" agency?  We specialize in solutions for small to medium City governments, Fire and Law Enforcement IT needs. 
(541) 941-4474 cell